Enter an IP address and date to find out whether that address was used as a Tor relay:

About Tor

Tor is an international software project to anonymize Internet traffic by encrypting packets and sending them through a series of hops before they reach their destination.  Therefore, if you see traffic from a Tor relay, this traffic usually originates from someone using Tor, rather than from the relay operator.  The Tor Project and Tor relay operators have no records of the traffic that passes over the network and therefore cannot provide any information about its origin.  Be sure to learn more about Tor, and don't hesitate to contact The Tor Project, Inc. for more information.

About ExoneraTor

The ExoneraTor service maintains a database of IP addresses that have been part of the Tor network.  It answers the question whether there was a Tor relay running on a given IP address on a given date.  ExoneraTor may store more than one IP address per relay if relays use a different IP address for exiting to the Internet than for registering in the Tor network, and it stores whether a relay permitted transit of Tor traffic to the open Internet at that time.

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